10 cancer causing foods you eat everyday

What are the cancer causing foods we eat everyday?

We eat food daily because it is essential for survival.

Meanwhile, some people eat some certain foods for taste and honor.

Eating for honor is when you purchase a particular food just to show people you have the money and to gain attention.

Most of us are not cautious of what we eat, how long it was stored, processing stages, method of storage and other factors that need to be considered.

Cancer causing foods contain carcinogens.

Carcinogen is any substance that tends to cause cancer in the tissue.

They do this by promoting carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer. Cancer is very dangerous and it’s incurable…yet.

Hopefully, in few years to come, the cure for cancer will be rampant in the society instead of being affordable only by the rich.

While some doctors may point out the cause of cancer to be basically all things on earth, others have discover that the cause of cancer could mainly emanate from the gastrointestinal system (a series of hollow organs joined in a long, twisting tube from the mouth to the anus).

Before we dive further into our main topic, let’s go through the major causes of cancer.


Major Causes of Cancer

Cancer is caused by mutation in the DNA of the human body.

Cancer is as a result of alteration/mutation in the gene of an individual either from chemicals, radiation, smoking, obesity, viruses and a host of many other factors have been said to cause cancer.

10 foods cancer causing foods

1. Canned Tomatoes: While fresh tomatoes may be regarded as soldiers in fighting cancer, the canned ones are quite the opposite.

In fact, canned foods are a threat because of what the cans are lined with.

All can foods are lined with a chemical called bisphenol-A, or BPA which have been known to alter the brain cells of rats.

Canned tomatoes are especially dangerous because of their low PH scale (high acidity) which causes the bisphenol-A to peel from the lining and into the tomato itself. Be safe and eat fresh foods.

2. Refined sugar: This is by far one of the biggest cancer causing foods.

High Fructose Corn Syrup commonly abbreviated as HFCS and other refined sugars easily cause cancer.

Foods made with refined sugar are a large source of insulin spikes therefore they help cancerous cells to grow.

Sugar also allow tumors grow extra – even tumors love sugar.

3. Grilled meat: This will surely sound disappointing to a lot of people.

Who doesn’t love grilled meat? It’s sad to know that it is dangerous for the body but don’t be alarmed, the merits override the demerits.

Not just grilled meats, processed meat also increases chances of having cancer.

Processed meats are treated with excessive salts and certain chemicals that can cause damages to the human body.

These meats are well packed to attract people but they are filled with carcinogens like the one found in the smoke of a cigarette.

Smoked meats are very dangerous B cause the meat is bombarded with tar from the smoking process.

In a study published in the journal of BMC medicine, researchers discovered that the chemicals used in packaging and preserving these meats are dangerous to the human health.

4. Microwaved popcorn: Microwave popcorn risks and individual of getting liver, testicular and pancreatic cancer.

The microwave popcorn bags are lined with carcinogenic chemicals which are bet dangerous.

They are one of the main cancer causing foods in the United States.

5. Carbonated beverages and soda: These have been a major cause of cancer for the past 20 years.

Soda and carbonated beverages contain a host of chemicals, dyes and other harmful stuffs.

They add no nutritional value to the body and therefore are just plainly dangerous especially to the aged people.

They affect the health in so many ways you can imagine.

6. Hydrogenated oil: Hydrogenated oils are good preservative agents.

They are used to preserve foods and give them appetizing look for a long period of time.

The ugly truth about them?

They alter the cell membranes and flexibility.

This is very dangerous and makes the individual cancer-prone.

They also contain omega-6 fatty accident which are a major cause of heart disease and skin cancer.

Surely, we need omega-6s but we are also adviced to balance it with Omega-3s (mackerel, salmon etc).

The best oil to use is pure olive oil which has not been chemical bombarded.

7. White flour: This may look disappointing also considering the amount of snacks we eat daily that are made with white flour.

White flour has undergone some chemical processes which all it’s nutritive values have been replaced with chlorine.

This makes the white flour increase insulin levels in individuals and become a cancer causing food.

8. Alcohol: You’ve probably been warned thousands of times by that annoying aunt or uncle – DON’T DO DRUGS!

Alcohol is the second major cause of cancer after it’s distant cousin, tobacco.

One beautiful thing about alcohol is that a little or very minute amount can reduce the risk of heart disease while a large amount can stab your heart in a matter of minutes.

9. Potato chips: This crunchy, delicious snack is very dangerous.

It’s one of the perfect explanation of “green snake under the green grass” but we just can’t stay mad at it.

“Oh reggae potato!” They cause weight gain because of their high trans-fat content but they are also filled with sodium levels which are a huge cause of high blood pressure.

Instead of eating potato chips all the time, try to opt in for air-popped popcorn.

10. Artificial sweeteners: This should sound less surprising.

We’ve suspected this right from the beginning but we are praying for it not to be adde because – well, many foods now run on artificial sweeteners.

While some people believe it helps them loose weight,the truth is it actually makes things worse for them.

Artificial sweeteners are not an option for people who have diabetes.

Those are the lists of cancer causing foods you should show down on.

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