Mybeardgang Review: Best beard cream in Nigeria?

As a guy in desperate need of beards, you must have surely come across mybeardgang one time in your life. If you haven’t heard about it, I am deeply sorry for you but at least now you are knowing about mybeardgang which I heard is the best beard cream in Nigeria. Is that really true? In this mybeardgang review, we will get to know more on whether the beard cream is recommended or a hard pass.

In case you are also a lady reading this, there is a huge chance you can have a guy with great beards that needs some care – read this post to the end and then make your decision if the beard cream is cool enough or just some fake product that never really does the job.┬áMy beard gang is a recommended beard product for any man that wishes to have well groomed beards.

Following so many researches on this product, one can easily come to a conclusion that beard oil/creams are not always as affordable as this product. However, before I dive into what I think about mybeardgang, here is what I have to say.

Great beards don’t come easily, one has to trim and apply the recommended beard care products. This is how your beard can look healthy and not like some disciple from the time of Pontius Pilate.

You want the Banky W kind of beards? Or the Aquaman kind? Everything is all in how they take care of their beards. The kind of beard cream they apply, what makes their beards look so cool, all girls start to drool? (feel my rhyme?. LOL). It is in the product they apply.

You don’t just take some unknown chemical and start rubbing on your beards hoping to be like Chris Evans when you wake up the next. There are recommended beardcare products one should make use of. The beard brush, oil and cream are all essential things one must put in place to have amazing beards like Deedee.

Yes, Deedee is the CEO of mybeardgang.

About Mybeardgang

Mybeardgang is a beard care product/brand owned be Adetola A.K.A Deedee. Deedee is the C.E.O of Deedee’s Media which deals with photoblogging, beardcare products and relationship counselling on

Factors to consider before choosing a beard care product

There are certain things one must have at the back of their mind before selecting a beard oil, beard cream or any kind of beard product which you apply to make your beard look better.

#1. Size of the beard cream

The first factor one must consider before choosing a beard care product (beard oil or beard cream). This is very important if you are using a product for the first time ever. You want to be sure the product is suitable enough for you so it is better to go for the smallest size in case it is not the right fit for you. If eventually, you like the product, you can then opt for a bigger size. In case you might be allergic to some products, you need to start with the small version of a product for the first time.

#2. Your beard length

The length of you beard is also another important factor to choose before selecting a beard oil. The longer your beard is, the more beard oil you will need.

#3. Ingredients

The ingredients in the beard oil affects the quality of your beard. It is best to know the kind of ingredients contained in the beard oil or beard cream you choose.

#4. Price

Before buying anything, you need to first know the price of the product you are about to buy. However, avoid buying cheap products because they do not have the quality you need, and most of them do more harm than good.

What I think about the mybeardgang beard cream. Is it truly the best beard cream in Nigeria?

best beard cream in Nigeria

Well, in my own opinion and of course the opinion of the users of this product, this cream has all that is needed to have. It is affordable and has a great feel on the beards. Apart from that, many of the users of mybeardgang beard cream enjoy posting about it on their various facebook pages. This way, it helps to boost the brand’s credibility and also recommend it to other people.

One way, we can say Mybeardgang is very cool product. They also deal in different beard care products such as beard brush, beard oil and a cool T-shirt.

Here is what I think of the product:

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