5 life lessons we must all learn from Burna Boy

Burna boy is arguably the most unique Nigerian artiste in recent times. I’m yet to come across anyone who can’t testify to his creativity.

Burna Boy lessons
Burna boy: trendz.com.ng

Especially this year, which has been his best so far. Burna boy has released massive hit singles and we don’t think he’s ready to stop anytime soon.

He has also gotten a lot of admiration in recent times, especially since the release of his hit song “ye”. He could be said to be the best Nigerian artiste of 2018.

One beautiful thing about Burma boy is his uniqueness. We can all agree that this mafia is the most creative artiste this year.

However, under all that deadlocks, weed, and tatoos, Burna boy has secretly thought us some valuable life lessons we must all adhere to.

Below are 5 life lessons Burna Boy thought us:

1. Be unique: In a world of over 6 billion people it is difficult to standout, especially if you are from China😂😂😂, but Burna Boy is the definition of ” OUTSTANDING”.

He has taught us that no matter how many there are in a field, one can still stand out.

In Nigeria, we keep seeing Jew upcoming musicians who fail everyday because they are doing what others are doing.

Everybody wants to be like somebody but Burna boy, despite admitting that Fela is his role model, he has carved a name for himself.

He his 100% unique and that’s what made him stand out. His style of singing is second to none.

It is an amazing thing when you think of how well he has done with his genre in a country that only wants fast tempo songs about money, girls or lavish lives.

Ever since the release of “like to party”, we have known that this guy is not here for jokes. Rather, he is here to inspire.

2. Do what works for you: He probably tried other genre of music and failed whole fully that’s why he is doing this bit of reggae dancehall ganja style.

Burna boy is an amazing guy and most upcoming artistes want to be like him.

You can rarely see any guy within the age of 17-25 who doesn’t like Burna Boy.

He is doing what works for him. Many people it will drop what works for them and become a photocopy of someone else’s work.

Let me tell you something today, if you can not be yourself,you don’t deserve to tell exist.

Know what works for you and work on it. That’s what Burna Boy has done and that is why he is among the most sucvesful artistes in Nigeria today.

He is unique and he is himself – OLUWABURNA. One notable thing is his fundness of weed.

Probably, that’s where he gets his inspiration from. That’s what works for him.

3. Find your niche: Your niche is equally important. Deciding where you belong on your field is going yo play a vital role in your success.

You must first identify your niche before working on it. You can not try everything at once.

It will be stressful and if eventually you fail, it will be worse. Find your niche by trying one thing after the other until you get to where you want.

That way, you can easily identify your potential and know your true calling instead of being like everybody else.

Burna Boy has a special niche in the Nigerian music industry just like Adekunle Gold, Teni, Eimi, Jesse Jags and many others. This makes their kind of songs evergreen and listenable even after we get old.

4. Be the best at what you do: Whatever you hand finds to do, do it with all your might. The bible thought us this and so did Burna Boy.

It is one thing to be unique but it is another thing entirely to be the best at being unique.

If Burna Boy was just an average reggae/dancehall artiste like Cynthia Morgan and Patoranking, there’s every possibility his career would have been worse than those two mentioned above (no offense, though).

Burna Boy isn’t just a reggae artist, he is the beat in Nigeria right now and nobody is able to get that title from him. Be the best at whatever you do and make sure you do it with all your might.

5. Don’t let the glory get to your head: We know some Nigerian artistes who blew and later their career went back to the gutter.

Some even let the glory get into their heads and started ranting about how they took Nigerian music to Ghana or some other countries (coughs)😉.

Well, Burna Boy hasn’t let this fame affect him. He tries to stay off social media and only use it when he dims it important.

Apart from that, he is an overall awesome artiste and Nigerians are lucky to have him as one of the few that still sings good music.

Burna boy is awesome anyday anytime. Please share this post if you enjoyed it.

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