On Monday February 18th, Domino’s surprised all pizza lovers with a new innovation: the Dominos Smallie Pizza which costs justs N550.

One thing that will excite you is that though the pizza size has been reduced so drastically, it doesn’t affect the taste and flavour. All your favorite flavours still taste the same. The only difference is the size. This time, the taste is not the difference, but the size.

According to Dominos, the only differenece in the smallie pizza is the size which is not bad at all.

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Going to the store, getting a pizza at N550 is a relief for most Nigerians who crave for it but it seems so expensive. We also noticed the huge positive reactions from youths.

How nice would it seem to work into any dominos store and grab a pizza and a bottle of coca-cola less than N1000? Dominos have helped Nigerians budget and make it possible to quench your hunger for pizza.

Who else has been in a situation where you feel like eating pizza all by yourself but you don’t have enough money or the pizza is just too big for you? With dominos pizza smallie size, you are having a better budget.

In the week of release, the dominos smallie pizza wasn’t available at all store yet except the one at Maryland. Now, you can find it at their Yaba store and many other stores in Lagos state.

The taste isn’t any different from the big an medium sizes. It is available in all flavors and still tastes the sane. The size doesn’t effect anything at all. It is really cool and many people have been rushing it.

Insane right? When you buy the Dominos smallie pizza, you also get a bottle of coke at N600. Which means dominos is giving out coke for N50. Isn’t this just the best?

In case you are not sure if you should buy it or not, and you are wondering if it tastes differently from the other sizes; well, it tastes completely the same.

There is no difference in its taste and you also get your money’s worth. This is safe for your budget. You can get this with your girlfriend, brother, sister and parents, and have a nice time watching each episode of game of Thrones new season.

The dominos smallie pizza is a buy have for everybody. Visit any store close to you and try it today.


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