Girls can be very secretive and may often hide their feelings from guys but that doesn’t mean there are no ways to know if she likes you. you can not be too certain and it will be really weird to ask her out but one thing I do know is that they have five distinct ways of expressing their love for a guy.

Sometimes, they themselves may not know they are actually in love with that guy. They just suddenly get so attached to him and many may hate themselves for it but that is human nature.

In case you have been receiving some hints from her friends or your friends but you are not so sure, let me make you sure.

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Five ways to know if she likes you

1. She laughs at your dry jokes: I think this is the most obvious sign agirl starts to display when they are in love with a guy. Thyey laugh at your most boring jokes, jokes that don’t even deserve a smirk.

Sometimes, you might not even be cracking a joke but she will fell thye need to laugh just to make you fel comfortable. Lowkey, we guys love it when our crush laughs at our jokes.

If she starts displaying this affection, thyere is a probability that she is slowly dying for you. Don’t conclude yet because she can easily deny it and it may be embarrassing. In fact, don’t ever conslude that a girl likes you until you have enough proof or she has told you herself.

2. She shows extra care: At this point, she may just fancy you or pity you. She can start with questions she has never asked you like:

“have you eaten?”
“What will you eat?”
“Should I cook for you?”
“Did you dreamt of me?”
“Hope your mother’s fine?”
“Do you have a girlfriend?” and some list of other questions.

When she starts asking this, get ready for a girlfriend material. Stick to her and see where it goes.

3. Your little things anger her: Suddenly, she gets angry at the little things you do. The little things you do daily might get her angry and there is nothing you can do but apologize.

This shows she cares a lot about you and wants you to be perfect for her.

4. She loves your friends: Those friends she complained about, she will suddenly start loving them. They become her friends and you both have more mutual friends than you could have possibly imagined.

She can even go as far as cooking for you and your friends all in the name of “friendship”.She also attends your small gatherings no matter how many guys may be present.

5. She loves your family like hers: This is the final character they exhibit. Your family becomes hers, she likes your mother who she had no idea of. She becomes close to your siblings and they start calling her sister, aunty, iyawo wa or whatever nickname they have in mind.


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