Ladies! Four things to expect when you’re dating a broke guy

4 things that will happen when you date a broke guy.

Ladies of nowadays will always tell you they can never date a broke guy, but there are some who don’t mind at all – the ones with little compassion.

Not all the guys can afford what a lady asks for and not all ladies love to spend a guy’s money but there are some certain things you should expect when you are dating a broke guy.

Let’s just get one thing straight here, ladies: The fact that he doesn’t have job at the moment or can not buy you the latest iPhone doesn’t disqualify him from falling in love.

Here are some things you should prepare for if you fall for someone like this:

1. Be certain: You need to be sure that this is the kind of relationship you want.

You can not have an undecided choice and still go into this kind of relationship.

Who do you think will help you when you start complaining of finances.

You have to be fully certain and convinced that he is the one you want and you are ready to love him through thick and thin.

Sometimes, you might not care about his financial status but you must be sure that he won’t be broke for too long.

Is he a lazy ass guy? Or he works hard daily to make ends meet?
If he’s the later, then stick to him.

2. There’ll be difficult times ahead:

Of course, you can not be in a relationship with a broke guy and not expect inconveniences.
Life doesn’t work that way.

Those things that your friends receive from their boyfriends every weekend, you might not get those gifts.

You might not get to visit the mall when you’re bored or do some things you so much crave.

Those cute selfies you post on the beach, park or cinema on Instagram.

Sorry, you may have to do away with them for a while.

Brokenness doesn’t last forever, poverty does.

3. He has mad sex skills: We don’t have any scientific research to prove this theory but we have heard from little birds that broke guys have mad sex skills.

They often use their sexual skills to make up for financial instabilities so at they can satisfy you in one of the ways you love most.

  1. It could all just be a waste of time: Dating a broke guy can end in disaster.

The fact that you stood by a guy when he had nothing could just and in disaster.

It is not an assurance that your love will be forever.

You could do all they do in those Hollywood and be the supportive girlfriend, mortgage ypir house, use all the cash your mum handed to you but there is a possibility it will end in disaster.

This is just what happens when you date broke guys Hope you’re prepared?

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