Every girl must undergo menstrual flow as a part of adulthood. It is expected that every girl must have gotten a lot of knowledge about her menstrual period before or starts. However, there are some crazy facts about menstrual period every girl must know.

1. A rare period disorder can cause bleeding of the eyes: Known as vicarious menstruation, this rare (but terrifying) condition makes you bleed from organs
besides your uterus — like your eyes — while you’re on your period, according to a case study published in the journal Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Luckily, not many cases have been recorded, according to study authors, who say this condition is caused when endometrial tissue (which normally grows in your uterus and sheds during your period) is transmitted through the bloodstream.

2. Most women have period stains in *every* pair of underwear: Fifty-four percent of 36,000 women surveyed by THINX said they ruined every pair of underwear they owned due to their period.

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3. Getting your period can worsen asthma symptoms:
In the week leaditng up to your period, an increased sensitivity to allergens, paired with a lower-than-normal lung capacity, causes between 19 and 40 percent of women with asthma to experience premenstrual asthma (PMA), according to a study published in the journal
Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine . (The study authors say hormonal changes may be to blame.)

4. The sound of your voice changes during your period: Vocalization researchers theorize that female reproductive hormones actually impact your vocal chords, altering your voice.

5. The average woman undergoes more than 400 periods in her lifetime: Between the average woman’s first cycle and menopause, you can expect some 450 visits from Aunt Flo, according to an article published in the scientific journal The Lancet.


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