Mode Nine will be showcasing Lagos to the outside world in his new album

Modenine has announced his plans to release a new album after releasing his 20 track project “hence4th”.

The musical work is set for release in the international market on December 19, 2018, the rapper posted on his Instagram yesterday.

This seems like fulfilling an earlier interest following his 2016 interview with Punch News. He was fresh off
“Insulin” and appeared to be in a state of discontent concerning an appreciation for his craft.

“After this last album, ‘Insulin,’ I am done releasing albums in Nigeria. I purposely did not make too much noise about this album, I just released it and those who appreciate it have been giving me positive feedback.”

The emcee is constantly connected with his Nigerian root and has made reference to the city of Lagos in some of his projects.

On the Pentium IX mixtape, one of the tracks that stood out was ‘Lagos State of Mind’ . The cultural atmosphere of the small but busy town was the main attention on the jam.

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