Wait, before you dive into this post and make up your mind that you want to become a model, have people come up to you telling you about your perfectly structured body and how beautiful or handsome you are? You can use these few modelling tips for newbies.

If so, good. If not, still good. In this post, we will be talking about how you can become a model in Nigeria and create the physique for modeling. Go get your pen and paoer because this is going to be an interesting one.

It is not until you look like Hercules or Wonder woman before you can become a model. All you need is just the right body physique, skin treatment, balanced diet and exercise.

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Almost anyone at all can become a model but not everybody can manage that body.

Even if you are not looking like Cristiano Ronaldo or Jenifer Lopez as you are reading this, it doesn’t mean you can not work towards perfection. For all we know, constant practice makes good perfection. All it takes is some right activities and boom! Model all the way😎

I have seen some of my friends in school who are models and students. I have seen others who deserve to be models but their shy nature has become a stumbling block for them. I hope you don’t have that?

7 Modelling tips you can start with

Let me walk you through how you can become a model in Nigeria with just these few simple tips.
1. Eat balanced diet: The saying “we are what we eat” is not far from the truth. If you keep eating junk food, your body physique will look all shabby and you skin will look flabby.

Balanced diet will give you the right physique for a natural model look.

Junk foods like ice cream, sausage, shawarma, pizza, meat pie and many others contain a lot of calories.

What do calories do to you? They add fat to your body. Have you ever seen a chubby model? No, right.

So stop with all the junks and get engaged in stuffs like vegetables, carrots, proteins and others.

2. Work on your physique: Obviously, you need to work on your physique. This is one crazy characteristic thay makes a model stand out from their peers.

A model’s physiqu is very different and attractive one way or another.

When your appearance is out of balance, your modelling career is already nearing the beginning of the end. You can get a dietician or therapist to give you the right food to get your physique on track.

As a man, you need your abs, chest and legs to be attractive. As a lady, obviously, your boobs and butt is very important.

There are many YouTube videos to assist you on this. You an search them on YouTube and watch them.

After that, keep practicing and practicing until you get the right desired shape for a model. It will not be an easy task getting that banging body but you have to do what you have to do for your career.

3. Your face: A banging body without a face is like a train without an engine (more or less).

Work in that face of yours because it is your selling feature. You should have a glowing face. Find the perfect face treatment and do not take risk of using one you don’t know about.

Surely, we are not perfect and we don’t know who is the most handsome or beautiful girl, but we can strive to attain 90% perfection at least.

Whatever brings out the best in you, enhance it more. According to scientific research, drinking lots of water daily can reduce wrinkles. Fruits, vegetable and water are very essential.

4. Your hair: Not every hairstyle is the right fit for you. What you need to do is find the right hairstyle for you.

Your hair compliments your face and it is important to take good care of it.

Perform some experiments to see the right fitikng fr you. Is it oval, oblong, straight etc.

5. Walking style: A woman who walks well is very attractive to the public and so is a man.

If you have a bad walking step, take some time to correct them. Many videos and materials can help you achieve that if you know where to look.

You don’t want to be the kind of model that falls on the stage whole walking. That will be a huge embarrassment for you.

Practice a good walking posture. This is mostly for runway models but it won’t do you no harm to also practice this.

6. Have a good portfolio: To land any modeling JOB, you need an amazing portfolio. In this era of social media, you can easily achieve that portfolio.

Get a good competent photographer to give you some shots from different angles. Don’t be scared to try something new. A personal blog is also an addition to this.

To become a model, you must know your particular niche. There are different modeling niches you can choose from:

  • Commercial models
  • Fashion models
  • Glamour
  • Runway

Commercial models
This is easier to join. Anyone can become a commercial model on Nigeria because the requirement isn’t as strict as others.

Your height, colour or size plays little or no role in landing your first commercial modeling job.

Fashion model
This category has a lot of strict rules and you must adhere to them before applying. To enter this category, you must be at least 6’0″ tall and slim.

The measurement is 33-23-33. Some modeling agencies may be looking for other features too.

These are those models you see on playboy magazines.

You must have an amazing physique with this pretty face before you can apply. The aim is to appear sexy and seducing.

These are catwalk models who showcase on exhibitions. They usually have amazing body that can fit into any cloth they are to demonstrate.

Their measurement is 34-23-34.
You have to search deeply for the one that suits you perfectly
To become a model, you need to work under an agency.

In Nigeria, there are some great agencies you can sign up with.
1. Beth modellimg agency
2. Y-Ray models
3. JC models Nigeria
4. Anaconda modelling agency (closed)
5. Gloria kelvin

Use these modeling tips if you are thinking of becoming a model in Nigeria isn’t a very stressful task. You need to be fully confident in yourself and build your physique. Good luck.


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